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soal dan jawaban stan26februari2016

1. The air turned … when the wind blew a. cold b. coldly c. colds d. coldest jwb : A 2. We made the juice from freshly … orange a. squeeze b. squeezed c. squeezing d. squeezer jwb : B 3. She has … many books that she needs more room to keep them a. […]

soal dan jawaban stan24februari2016

1. … she finishes the daily report, she leaves the office a. that b. once c. while d. unless jwb : B 2. after his parents passed away, Sam lived … a. his self b. him self c. by his self d. by himself jwb : D 3. We made the pie with … cherries […]

soal dan jawaban stan22februari2016

1. Alfonso can eat … in the restaurant where he works a. free b. freely c. freedom d. with freedom jwb : A 2. if the piano … not tuned properly,it will not make a good sound. a. is b. are c. were d. was jwb :  A 3. there … painting that interests me […]

soal dan jawaban stan20februari2016

1. what … this afternoon ? a. will you do b. are you goin to c. are you doing d. have you done jwb : B 2. “Do I hear something ? “yes, somebody …. at the door ” a. knocks b. knocked c. is knocking d. has knocked jwb : C 3. No one […]

soal dan jawaban stan19februari2016

1. My mom got me … the medicine although it tasted terrible. a. to take b. take c. taken d. taking jwb : A 2. he decided to go to the conference in Madrid, … He was in Spain anyway a. when b. while c. as d. due to jwb : C 3. Between Jason’s […]

soal dan jawaban stan16februari2016

1. candle …. from beeswax burn with very clean flame. A. are made B. making C. which make D. made jwb : D 2. no one is admitted to the university …. he or she passes the test A. if B. unlees C. whether D. as jwb : B 3. how many people …. the […]

soal dan jawaban stan13februari2016

1. …. she look when she hosted the concert last night ? A. were B. did C. was D. do jwb : B 2. Leaves are important parts of a plant …. photosynthesis takes place.   A. which B. that C. of which D. in which jwb : D 3. we … go to the […]

soal dan jawaban stan12februari2016

1. …. you fatter when you studied in senior high school ? A. was B. are C. were D. have jwb: C 2. Kristina …. to an opera before she lived in jakarta. A. was never going B. has never gone C. had never gone D. didn’t go jwb : C 3. Since Mario is […]

soal dan jawaban stan11februari2016

1. 5,7,50,49,500,343,… A. 5.490 B. 5.000 C. 3.500 D. 2.401 jwb : B 2. 3,8,13,18,23, …, …. A. 28 dan 34 B. 28 dan 38 C. 33 dan 38 D. 28 dan 33 jwb : D 3. 2,4,4,7,8,10, …, …. A. 16 dan 15 B. 16 dan 13 C. 16 dan 14 D. 15 dan 13 […]

soal dan jawaban stan9februari2016

1. MENCUNGAP A. menguap B. tertutup C. mengantuk D. mencuplik E. terngangat jwb : E 2. MENYURAI A. menyisir B. menyapu C. menekankan D. membubarkan E. menyurati jwb : D 3. EPISTAKSIS A. musibah B. mules C. mimisan D. muntah E. muntaber jwb : C

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