C L A U S E S 1

  1. A.      Adjective Clause

Jenis – jenis Relative Pronoun dapat dilihat pada tabel di bawah ini :

PersonWho /ThatWhom /thatWhose
ThingWhich /thatWhich /thatOf which
  1. Who

Subject of person

E.g.: – The girl is my sister

– She broke this door yesterday

à The girl who broke this door yesterday is my sister

  1. Whom

Object of person

E.g.: – The man looked so tired

– I saw him driving a car

à The man whom i saw driving a car looked so tired

  1. Whose

Possesive of person and thing

E.g.: – The boy looks hungry

– His shoes is green

à The boy whose shoes is green looks hungry

  1. Which

Subject and object of thing

E.g.: – The book is expensive

– I bouht it in the bookstore over there

à The book which i bought in the bookstore over there is expensive

  1. Of which

Possesive of thing

E.g.: – The car is old

– Its doors are broken

à The house, doors of which are broken, is old. (or)

The House of which does broken, is old.


  1. B.       Adverbial Clause

Anak kalimat yang berfungsi sebagai kata keterangan.

Jenis – jenis :

  1. Adverb of Reason

Anak kalimat yang berfungsi untuk menerangkan alasan.

Kata : Because, as, since, for

E.g.: He forgot to lock the door because he as in hurry.

  1. Adverb Clause of Result

Anak kalimat yang berfungsi untuk menyatakan hasil dari suatu pekerjaan.

Kata : – so/hence/thus/therefore/consequnetly

–    so + adj/adv + that (sangat…sehingga)

–    such + noun + that (…sehingga)

E.g.: He didn’t study hard; therefore, he didn’t pass the test

  1. Adverb Clause of Purpose

Anak kalimat yang berfungsi untuk menerangkan tujuan dari suatu pekerjaan.

Kata : so that, in order that, in order to + V1

E.g.:- The question is so difficult that i can’t answer it

– This is such a difficult question that i can’t answer it

  1. Adverb Clause of Contrast

Anak kalimat yang berfungsi untuk menunjukan pertentangan

Kata : – although, eventhough

– however, nevertheless, whereas, still                                          + S + P

– on the other hand, but, yet

E.g.: – Although it rains heavily, he still goes out

  1. Adverb Clause of Place

Anak kalimat yang berfungsi untuk menyatakan tempat.

Kata : where, wherever

E.g.: This is the town where i was born

  1. Adverb Cluse of Time

Anak kalimat yang berfungsi untuk menerangkan waktu.

Kata : when, after, before, while, since

E.g.: It’s the week when i started to work here


  1. C.       Noun Clause

Anak kalimat yang berfungsi sebagai kata benda dengan menggunakan:

That, what, who, which                 + S + P

Where, when, why, whether

Posisi :

  1. Sebagai Subjek

Terletak di awal kalimat

E.g.: – What he has done admired everybody in his class room.

Whether he could pass the test will be announced next week.

  1. Sebagai Objek

Terletak setelah kata kerja

E.g.: – Nobody knows why she has involved in the school fighting yesterday.

– She realizes that she has lost her new green shoes.

  1. Sebagai Pelengkap

Terletak disebelah to be atau berfungsi sebagai pelengap keterangan.

E.g.: – That is what i want.

– I have no idea why she leaves me alone.


Contoh Soal :

  1. She is so slow as she never gets to class on time.
    1. Is                                                     c. As
    2. So                                                    d. On
  2. Don’t forget to register this week so you can vote in the election…
    1. To register                                     c. So
    2. This week                                      d. Can
  3. I didn’t hear…because there was to much noise when i was sitting.
    1. What said                                      c. What did he say
    2. What he said                 d. What was he saying
  4. Sumbawa is not quite fertile, …it is very good for breeding cattle.
    1. Since                                              c. Yet
    2. As                                                    d. For
  5. The living room was … tht i had to move to another room to continue my reading.
    1. Much noisy                   c. Too noisy
    2. So noisy                                         d. Very noisy
  6. He never cheats in the classroom…he is considered naughty.
    1. Althought                                      c. And
    2. However                                        d. Since
  7. The people which cheated on the examination had to leave the room.
    1. The people                    c. Had to
    2. Which                                            d. Leave
  8. Could you please tell me…
    1. Where is STAN secretariat?
    2. Where STAN secretariat?
    3. Where STAN secretariat is?
    4. Where did STAN secretariat?



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