Agreeement adalah penyesuaian antara subjek dengan kata kerjanya dalam suatu kalimat.

  1. A.      Singular
    1. 1.       Subject sebuah kalimat yang diawali dengan kata:  every..much..,each of.., one of.
    2. Subjek yang menyatakan jumlah,jarak, waktu, volume,uang.
    3. Subject yang diikuti oleh kata benda abstrak/gerund
    4. Apabila diikuti oleh ungkapan as well as, with,  along with,  together with, inaddition to, accompanied by maka subjeknya berbentuk singular jika subjek pertamanya berbentuk tunggal(singular).
    5. Kata a lot of, most, more, some, all, half  bila diikuti oleh uncountable noun maka subjeknya berbentuk singular.
    6. Either…,or….,neither…,nor…,dianggap singular bila noun keduanya berbentuk tunggal.



  1. Kata yang selalu dianggap singular


8. A  number + plural noun                          plural

The number of+ plural noun                                       singular

  1. B.       Plural
    1. The + Adjective
    2. Both..,and..,membutuhkan kata kerja plural
    3. Kata many, few,several membutuhkan kata kerja plural
    4. Kata none,all, majority, half bila di ikuti kata benda jamak maka butuh kata kerja plural.
  2. C.       Kata hubung and menghubungkan pemakaian jenis dan bentuk kata yang sama seperti gerund dengan gerundnoun dengan noun


 “Allah will not change people destiny until they change it by themselves”. (Arra’du : 11)



1. Many people_____ by a misterious virus which kills human only in five minutes.

A. Has been infected C . have been infected

B. Had been infected D. has been being infected

2. Watching TV ______us become lazy person.

A. Makes C. Are making

B. Have made D.was making

3. Both Mr. Yusuf Kalla and Mrs. Megawati ______the candidate of the president of Republic of the next ellection.

A. wants to become C. Has Wanted to become

B. want to become D. Wants becoming

4. The distance between Palembang and Indralaya _______32 kilometres.

A. Are C were

B. Is D. to be

5. Mr. James Que, accompanied by Mr. Andre Wongso and Mr.Brigie S,_______ a motivation tarining in JCC.

A. was holding C. Held

B. were holding D. Have held

6. The majority of universities in Indonesia______scholar ship for their clever collegian .

A. Was given C. give

B. Has given D. is giving

7. All of poor students in my province________given the school’s uniforms by our governoor, Mr.Alex Noerdin last month..

A. Has been C. is

B. are D. were

8. ‘Have you checked where most of the Newton six students come from?

All right,a half of them _____from Pondok Indah residence

A. Come C. comes

B. Was coming D. To come

9.  Neither the children nor their parents has to take important

A                             B

 rules     to build     an effective comunication.

C                                              D


10. The number of murder cases in Indonesia have been increasing

A                             B                              C

year by year .



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