Parallel Structure

Parallel Structure


#) use parallel structure with coordinate conjunctions (and, but, or)

(same structure),             (same structure),             and                        (same structure)











  • I need to talk to the manager or the assistant manager.
  • He eats and sleeps only when he takes a vacation.
  • The exam that he gave was short but difficult.
  • They are not interested in what you say or what you do.

#) use parallel structure with paired conjunctions (both….and, either … or, neither .. nor, and not only … but also)

Both                                                                                      and

Either                                    (same structure)              or                            (same structure)

Neither                                                                                                nor

Not only                                                                               but also






  • I know both where you went and what you did.
  • He wants either to go  by train or to go by plane.

#) use parallel structure with comparisons (-er…than, more…than)



(same structure)              less…than                            (same structure)


The same…as






  • My school is farther than your school.
  • Renting those apartments costs about the same as leasing them.




1. The committee decided to cancel its law suit, to approve the contract, and that it would adjourn the meeting.

A                  B           C                                                                                            D

2. Air travel is fast, safe, and it is convenient.

A     B   C                  D

3. Rock music is not only popular in the United States but also abroad.

A                  B     C   D

4. Every day the watchman would lock the doors, turning on the spot lights, and walk around the                     A                                                                                  B                                        C                    D


5. To control quality and  making decisions about production are among the many responsibilities of an                                A                                     B                                         C      D

industrial engineer.

6. I suggest that the instructor react to the situation by changing the textbook instead of to modify the

A                                                                                                             B   C

objectives of the course.


7. The insurance program used to include not only employees but their families.

A                                                                B              C           D

8. The six main parts of a business letter are the address, the inside address, the salutation, the body,                            A                             B                          C

the closing, and signing your name.


9. The new electric typewriters are equipped not only with an element for foreign languages but also


a key for correcting errors automatically.

B               C                                           D

10. Please send me the smallest, most recently published, and less expensive dictionary that you have

A    B                                 C                                              D


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