Gerund adalah kata kerja yang berubah fungsi menjadi kata benda dengan cara penambahan ing setelah kata kerja. Gerund dapat berfungsi sebagai:

  • Subjek
  • Object
  • Predicate complement
  • Noun modifier

Adapun kata-kata yang harus diikuti oleh bentuk Gerund adalah:

Mind, avoid, keep, enjoy, finish, deny,permit, risk, admit, appreciate, image, dislike, consider, delay, detest, forbid, stop, forget, dan remember.hate, can’t help, can’t stand, prefer, neglect, practice, ,regret.

Apabila didahului oleh kata depan ( preposition) maka wajib di bentuk  ke dalam Gerund.

Kata kata dibawah  ini bisa diikuti oleh Gerund atau To Infinitife yaitu: remember, start, begin, love, like continue,hate, stop, forget


2. Infinitife

  1. 1.       Sebagai subject

Example: To understand Cost Accountancy is not easy

  1. 2.       Sebagai keterangan dari suatu kata benda

Example: I have something to do

  1. 3.       Sebagai keterangan dari kata sifat
  2. Example: English is easy to understand if we have great eager
  3. 5.       Sebagai keterangan dari kata kerja

Example: They come to help you solve the problem

  1. 6.       Sebagai keterangan dari “Wh-word”

Example: I don’t know how to make my mother happy



  1. “ I heard you decided to buy a new book  on Kwitang?

“Well, I considered________one because our lending book is not enough but I finally decided not to.

A  to buy                                                        C. bought

B. wanted to buy                                          D. Buying

2.  “ I’m accustomed__________at 14.00 P.M. after coming back from my  campus.”

A. take a nap                                 C. taking a nap

B. taken anap                                                D. Took a nap

3. ‘I used to ________________in the morning to keep my health.’

A. walk                                             C.  To walk

B. walking                                        D. Walked

4. ______English can brighten our future.

A. to study                                       C.studied

B. studying                                       D. More studied

5. Do you think your mother would object to__________your sister some money.                                                            C.given

B.give                                                               D. be given

6. ‘ What your mother expect you?’

‘She expect me _____in his company.’

A.  lead                                             C. leading

B.  is lead                                         D. To lead

7. ‘what do you think about________the Carita Beach?’

A. goes                                    go

B. going                                            D. Will go

8. ’Police stoped_______the person because the doer has been arrested.’

A. investigating.                              C. To investigate

B. investigate                  D. Investigated

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