Modals adalah kata kerja bantu yang memberikan arti tambahandan harus diikuti dengan kata kerja bentuk dasar(Vinf) yang terdiri dari: Shall, should, will, would, can, could, may, might, must, ought to, need, dare, used to.


1.       Can/could/may/might

  • Menyatakan suatu kemungkinan suatu peristiwa.

Eg: It might rain tomorrow

2.       Should

  • Menyatakan suatu anjuran/ saran

Eg: You should study hard to pass USM STAN

  • Menyatakan arti seharusnya dalam bentuk present

Eg: As agood moslem, We should obey our parents

3.       Must

  • Keharusan mutlak

you must work at  department of finance to be rich young man.

  • Kesimpulan logis

Andi bought new car, He must be rich.



S +  Modals +  Have +  VIII +  Object

1.       Could  have + VIII 

Menyatakan suatu yang sebenarnya  kejadian yang bisa terjadi diwaktu lampau namun tidak terjadi

2.       Might have+ V III

Menyatakan suatu kemungkinan dari suatu kejadian yang telah terjadi di waktu lampau.

3.       Should have + VIII

Menyatakan suatu kejadian yang sehausnya terjadi di waktulampau namun tidak terjadi.

4.       Must have + VIII

Menyatakan kesimpulan logis dari  kejadian  masa lalu.


1. Narjik was absent two days. He____sick.

  1. Could be                               C. might have been
  2. will                                         D. should
  3.   2.   He  told me about   the history of this village

He_______here  for along time

  1. must have lived                   C. would have lived

B. should be living                        D. ought to have lived

  1.     3. There is a bird  in a locked room. It _____down the chimney.
    1. might have come                 C. should have come
    2. would have  come                              D. should come
    3.  4.    Bedu passed the exams with flying colour.

She ____hard for it

  1. must study                                            C. must have studied
  2. should have studied                           D.should study
  3.     5. Miing is the best student in my class. I saw she living his house, but he missed the exam.She____an accident.
    1. Should have                                         C. must have had
    2. Must have                                             D. should have had
    3.  6.  All of students of Newton Six supposed to be here at 07.00 p.m

They_______about this meeting

  1. Must have forgotten                           C. will forget
  2. May have forgotten                             D.must forget
  3.  7. It could be rain tomorrow.

It means that____rain tomorrow.

  1. It should be                                                           C. may be it will
  2. it must be                                                              D. it is necessary

8. She repaired her computer, but it became worse.


A.should have it repaired                                C. ahould have it repaired

B. must repaired it                                           D. will repaire it

9. The pharmacist _______a record of prescriptions that are filled.

A. may keep                                                          C. can keep

B.could keep                                                         D. must keep

10. Oneng, together with his boy friend,is watching TV now,actually she ____be doing her homework.

A. might                                                 C. would

B. should                                                                D. can

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