Bentuk kalimat dimana subjek atau pokok kalimatnya dikenai suatu tindakan.

S + be + V3 (past participle)

(be)I                                    :am, is, are

(be)II                       : was, were

(be)III                       : been

(be)ing                                : being

(be)inf                                 : be




1.Simple PresentS + Verb1(s/es) + OS+am,is,are+VerbIII
2.Simple PastS+verbIIS+was/were+VerbIII
I3.Present ContinousS+am,is,are+VingS+am,is,are+being+ VIII
4.Past ContinousS+was/were+VingS+was/were+being+ VIII
5.Present PerfectS+has/have+VIIIS+has/have+been+ VIII
6.Past PerfectS+had+ VIIIS+had +been+ VIII
7.Simple FutureS+shall/will+V1S+shall/will+be+ VIII
8.Future PerfectS+will+have+ VIIIS+will+have+been+ VIII
9.Past FutureS+would+ V1S+would+be+ VIII
10.Past Future PerfectS+should/would+have+ VIIIS+should/would+have+ been+VIII
11.Modals Aux.S+modal+ V1S+modal+be+ VIII

1. All the books in the library______by the minister of Finance last year.
A. Were given C. has given
B. gave D. give
2. ‘have you posted the mail?’
‘Not yet sir, it _____at five ‘oclock.’
A. Will posted C.posts
B. Will post D. will be posted
3. ‘What should ________to be accepted as the collegian of state acountancy college?.’
A. To be done C. being done
B. Be done D.been done
4. It’s no use expecting an answer today, as your proposal_______by his mother.
A.had not yet been receive C. will not have been received yet
B. is not receive yet D. will receive
5. ‘Jones : ‘Why doesn’t she accept the job?’
Michle : ___________________________
A. Because she hasn’t been offered it C. because she didn’t offer it
B. Because she doesn’t offer it D. Because she hasn’t offered it
6. If you_________ in the STAN enterance test, there will be many alternative to choose.
A. are not accepted C. accepted
B. do not accept D. was accept
7. Ustman Bin Affan ,one of disciples of our prophet Muhamad SAW, ____ by God to enter the heaven.
A. have quaranteed C. is quarenteed
B. quaranteed D. was quarenting
8. I became quite nervous when I knew that I would be _______by
Mr. Kusman Aji.
A. Was interviewing C. interviewed
B. Interview D. interviewing
9. The tower of Telkomsel ________when the earth quake happened
A. was built C. is to built
B.are building D. was being built
10. ‘who will represent our school to join the mathematic olympiad ?’
‘I don’t know yet, they _______by our head master.’
A. Still selecting C. are still being selected
B. Still be selected D.. are still selecting

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